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Pie Capital's AutovetVC organizes and analyzes VC and family office dealflow to make informed startup investment decisions

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA – June 7, 2021: Driven Capital Fund announced it has licensed Pie Capital’s AutovetVC platform. “Driven Capital is one of our latest venture customers to use our AutovetVC investment tool”, said Bill Eichen, Founder and CEO of Pie Capital. “Startup CEOs instantly receive feedback, expression of interest, and even term sheets from our venture capital users. The AutovetVC product is managed in a secure cloud on Pie Capital and gives venture fund partners full access to evaluate, share, and receive a fundability index for each startup.”

“We welcome Nick Larson and his investment team to our platform,” said Sanjeev Dharap, Founder and CTO of Pie Capital. “AutovetVC is a ‘one stop shop’ for startup pitch decks, cap tables, term sheets, financials, and contact information and enables a first pass funding decision in less than 24 hours.”

“We have chosen to work with Pie Capital to broaden our reach and accelerate momentum with our portfolio companies”, stated Nick Larson, General Partner of Driven Capital. “Pie Capital’s easy-to-use platform, as well as their customer service and due diligence fundability score, inspired us to create this long-term relationship. Our team has been using the product for over a month, and we have improved our investment decision making capability with AutovetVC. It was an easy decision with the experience and 24x7 support of the Pie Capital team. The fundability score helps us respond to CEOs in 24 hours”, stated Larson.

Driven Capital Fund, LP is a Silicon Valley early stage seed tech investment partnership headquartered in Silicon Valley. The Driven investment thesis is to be “first-money in” and help startup teams through its operational experience.

Pie Capital, Inc. is a privately held corporation in Palo Alto, California. Pie Capital designs, develops, and supports vertically oriented internet products and tools for the financial industry as well as advisory services. Professionals and related ecosystem partners are encouraged to contact Pie Capital’s Affiliate department Pie Capital may be reached at (650) 493-1801; via email at; or visit and